How Strong Are Your Films?

AC7 1-Ply Security Film
180psi Of Impact Force Protection
AC9 2-Ply Security Film
220psi Of Impact Force Protection
AC14 3-Ply Security Film
335psi Of Impact Force Protection

AC14 3-ply security FILM

Our flagship security laminate product used to stop the most aggravated attempts to gain entry through your glass.  Our premium 3-ply security film offers incredible amounts of protection against everything from bricks, to crowbars, to bats, and even up to a 9mm FMJ on commercial 1/2″ glass. This is the best and most flexible security film choice for commercial and residential applications. Our 3-ply product comes in clear, gray tint, frosted and silver reflective.

AC9 2-ply security FILM

This 2-ply security film offers superior protection against typical smash and grab crimes. Usually, criminals would like to break a window and get in and out as quickly as possible. The AC9 will provide enough protection to discourage an intruder to move on to an easier target.

Protect your children against the threats broken glass poses.

AC7 1-Ply security FILM

This is our standard grade of security film which acts as a good deterrent against simple smash and grab crimes. This security film is also a good option for keeping children safe from glass shards should they break a pane of glass. Once this film is applied to glass, it will surpass the ANSI Z97.1 standard for safety glazing.

Anti-Graffiti Film

Our premium grade AG film is mounted on the exterior of the glass to protect against vandals tagging or etching your glass.  Instead of replacing glass, we just need to remove our protective film and then replace it with a new one to make your glass look as good as new.