Client Pictures & Video

Jewelry Shop Protected!

Access denied to these criminals trying to break into this jewelry store chain that we helped secure.

Home Secured!

One of our relieved clients shared the following with us:
“Thursday night (March 7, 2019), at 10:30 PM, burglars tried smashing our back sliding-glass door. From the marks and patterns on the glass, the police said they used a baseball bat, kicked it with their boot and then slammed the glass door with a blunted pry bar, 3 times! The 3-ply security laminate on the inside surface remained flat and smooth–except for small bumps where the pry bar hit.”

County Building Safe!

A criminal tried to throw a block of cement through a window we secured with our 3-ply security film and it just bounced off the glass.  Surveillance video below.

Broadway Federal Bank Bullet Protection

“My name is Ashley Franklin; I am the branch manager of the Leimert Park office of Broadway Federal Bank, in Los Angeles, CA. A bullet proof film was installed on our front windows, (the windows that are facings Crenshaw Blvd) by Armorcentric. On the morning of August 11, 2008 someone randomly shot at businesses in our area. Our window was hit with a stray bullet. Our alarm company notified us of a glass break. When I came into work the next business day we found that the window was shattered but still in place and the bullet was in the center of the window. A police report was made and the police even acknowledged that the film worked well. You never really want to have to find out if something like bullet proof film actually works…I am glad that we can be reasonably sure that this product will do its best to live up to its claim. I feel a little safer knowing that our windows have been tested and the film proved to be effective in this situation.”

School Protection

“Hi gang – wanted to share a few photos of the first attack on one of our windows with your 14mil film. Sustained assault with a paving stone for twenty minutes. This was film we applied ourselves to uninstalled, 3/8” tempered, laminated glass, that we then installed in existing frames. Bottom window took the attack in stride; just some blemishes.”

Optometry Burglary Stopped!

Criminals tried but failed to gain entry.

Metro Water District Demo

Demonstration done for the agency responsible for treating the drinking water for Southern California.  After this demo, they quickly decided to have Armorcentric secure all the facilities.

Orange County Register Demo

Demonstration done for the Orange County Register Newspaper.  They were writing an article about securing residential and commercial windows so they came to the experts.

Motorcycle Shop Demo

This motorcycle shop was having issues with criminals breaking into their shop and we helped to them secure their facility and warehouse after this demo.

Stopped Shots & Forced Entry

The rounds bounced off the glass without penetration and then repeated kicks at the glass got him nowhere.  This is a win for our client and Armorcentric.

Some of our other happy clients...

  • Yaamava’ Resort & Casino at San Manuel
  • Dept of Justice, Riverside
  • Social Security Office,  Lancaster
  • Rich Eisen Broadcast Studios
  • Chanel, Beverly Hills
  • Church of Scientology Headquarters
  • Hilton Hotel, Universal City
  • Hyatt, Century Plaza
  • San Juan Capistrano Unified School District Offices
  • Desert Sands Unified School District Schools
  • Lynwood Unified School District Schools
  • West Point Naval Academy
  • Los Angeles Fire Department Station #65, Watts CA
  • 20th Century Fox Studios
  • City of Escondido City Hall
  • City of Yorba Linda City Hall
  • City of Rosemead City Hall
  • Golden State Water Company
  • Metropolitan Water District Facilities
  • Barstow Railway Credit Union
  • Oceanside Dept of Corrections
  • University of Southern California (USC)