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Protect Your Glass Against Break-Ins

Protection you can’t see, security you can trust! Armorcentric is the “clear” alternative for superior window security without the need for unsightly metal bars. We can help secure your existing windows by applying our ultra-thin security laminate onto your glass to strengthen the windows against intrusion without changing the look of the window.  Armorcentric is the leader in security laminate technology and we offer a 10-year warranty on our products.

Glass with Armorcentric security window film installed.
Keep your family happy and safe.


There is nothing more important that keeping your family and home safe against intruders, accidents, and natural disasters.


When you have left for the day, we are still there protecting your glass against break-ins.

Los Angeles Fire Station Ladder 65 based in Watts CA.


We helped secure LA Fire Dept Station 65 against bullets and bombs.  They keep us safe so it is only fair that we keep them safe.

Why Choose Armorcentric?

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Armorcentric has specialized in enhancing the security of windows in and around Southern California since 2005.  In today’s world, burglary is a constant threat, and securing your home or office is of the utmost importance.  Armorcentric provides a solution that not only adds a layer of security to your windows but also does so without hurting the aesthetics of your windows.  The company’s unique approach involves the application of a clear security polyester laminate onto the interior side of your existing windows.  This innovative solution eliminates the need for unsightly metal bars and provides a secure yet elegant solution.


Armorcentric offers three product levels to cater to different needs.  The first is the AC7, a 1-ply film that provides basic protection against forced entry.  The second is the AC9, a 2-ply film that provides enhanced security against more aggressive break-in attempts.  Finally, the AC14 is a 3-ply film that offers the highest level of protection against aggravated break-in attempts.


One of the most appealing aspects of Armorcentric’s products is the ability to retrofit to existing windows.  Our team of professionals can install the security laminate quickly and efficiently, without the need for any major renovations or disruptions to your daily life.  For protection and peace of mind, we are there for you. 



We can ship our premium grade Armorcentric line of security laminates worldwide for installation by qualified contractors. 



Armorcentric is licensed , bonded, and insured and all of our team members undergo security background checks to ensure your safety and security.