Our Story

Armorcentric is committed to providing the very best security laminate products, service and support to our customers.  We serve the Southern California area for all residential, commercial, industrial and retail customers concerned about protecting their business, their home and their loved ones.  For protection and peace of mind, contact Armorcentric today!

Why choose Armorcentric™?
We are licensed, insured and our technicians have many years of experience which will translate into a clean installation. We are also an A-Rated member of the Better Business Bureau. Armorcentric provides high-end security protection, not simply an inferior safety coating that some others may offer. That is why state and federal agencies, high-profile businesses and security-minded homeowners turn to Armorcentric™ when they need security for their windows. When protecting your family’s home or business against acts of violence or natural disasters, one must realize that the glass is the most vulnerable point. We can help mitigate that risk. Armorcentric™ is the exclusive distributor of the ultra high performance Armorcentric™ micro-thin laminates which turn ordinary glass into barriers that can resist the force of high winds, earthquakes, bats and small firearms.

Our Customers:
We have helped secure some of the biggest names in the public and private sector.  We have helped secure schools, City Halls, big name celebrities, and County buildings.  Here is a partial client list.

What have you done to protect your windows?
Armorcentric™ applies an almost invisible micro-thin polyester film to the interior side of your residential and commercial glass. Why install unattractive security bars and screens that hinder vision and may violate fire and local codes when you can get just as much protection at a fraction of the cost?

Armorcentric™ Films Are Not Bullet, Bomb or Break-in Proof
Though testing has shown that Armorcentric™ products are capable of resisting bullets and break-ins, at no time does Armorcentric™promote or imply that our products are bullet-proof or break-and-enter proof. We also cannot be held responsible for the structural integrity of doors and window frames.

We are a proud supporter of the below charitable organizations and as such, a portion of all sales is donated to:

Wounded Warrior Project – Give back to those veterans that gave so much to you!

CHP 11-99 Foundation – Provide emergency benefits to California Highway Patrol employees and their families in time of crisis!

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